About the author

Timi Jarvis


Timi grew up on an island. He enjoyed living on the island, exploring the woods, climbing trees and playing football with his friends. As soon as he was old enough, he left the island, crossed the stretch of sea, and travelled on the continent with just a small backpack, a sleeping bag and his guitar.

He travelled; hitch-hiking, sleeping in fields, in woods and on beaches. Sometimes he stayed with friends he had met on the way. Mostly he travelled alone, but sometimes with friends for a while. He crossed different seas and oceans. The mountains and deserts, towns and villages he travelled through were his home. Timi slept under the stars on many different beaches and in lots of other places. During the days and evenings, he wrote songs and sang them, playing his guitar. He also wrote a little book “Dew – The Story of the Little Leaf”.

After that he stayed in one place, learning and teaching the art of ju-jutsu, and for many years lived in a cave (not a real cave but a cave anyhow). As often as he could, he would go travelling; not hitch-hiking but on his bicycle, or flying to tropical beaches where he could swim and snorkle on coral reefs by day, and sleep under the stars at night. In his cave he recorded the songs he wrote when travelling: “Dewsongs”. He went back to school and learnt to be a sound engineer.

Nowadays he’s writing the third book in the “Dandelion” series, and plays in his band, also called “Dewsongs”. Timi rides his bicycle, swims, and only eats plants.
As always he’s looking forward to new adventures and dreaming…